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Along the Mediterranean sea, the Taurus range is one of the longest mountain ranges in middle east. The Aladaglar is the highest form of the Taurus range with an elevation of 3700 mt. Find your balance back, while skiing in the great Turkish mountains. Ski the snow while fantastic landscapes slide in front of your eyes. Grab the chance to ascend seven mountain peaks including snow-white volcanoes in Anatolia. Have peaceful white dreams in the original villages. Last but not least, discover how nature and history go hand in hand in the mystifying Cappadocia.





• DAY 1: Arrival Ankara - Ihlara Meet at the airport with our team and drive to Ihlara. (4 hours driving) on the way, we will visit salt lake (Tuz Golu). Overnight at Pension in Ihlara


• DAY 2: Mt Hasan (3268m) - Taurus We start trekking early in the morning from the village of Helvadere, at the foot of Mt. Hasan. While climbing this volcano, we have a very nice view of Anatolia. After a spectacular skiing descent, our vehicle awaits us to drive to the village of Cukurbag at the foot of the Taurus Mountains. Total transfer time: 2h30; Total Ascent/Descent: 1.468m


• DAY 3 : Mt Guzeller ( 3461m) - Taurus Transfer by vehicle to Aksam Pinari area. Four hours easy trek ascend up to the Guzeller summit. Afterwards we will descent back to Aksam Pinari by skiing with the same way. Return to Cukurbag village. Total Ascent/Descent: 1.461m


• DAY 4: Mt Alaca (3585m) – Taurus We drive to the valley of Aksampinari. We start climbing here until we reach the Avciveli Pass at 3.400m. Then, we ascend Mt Alaca (3.585m). We have a magnificent skiing descent through the Big Mangirci Valley until we reach the Sarimehmetler plateau where our vehicle is waiting for us to drive back to the village. Ascent: 1.300m; Descent: 1.650m


• DAY 5: Mt Elmer (3723m)

We drive to the Sokulupinar plateau at 2.000m. This is the starting point of our ascent today. After four hours of climbing, we arrive at the Celikbuyduran Pass at an altitude of 3.450m. It takes another 300m climbing to reach the summit of Mt Emler at 3.723m. We will have a very nice view over the Aladaglar massif and over the volcanoes Argues and Hasan. We ski down to Sokulupinar again and we drive back to the village. Total Ascent/Descent: 1.723m


• DAY 6: Mt Eznevit (3472m) - Taurus We drive to the starting point of our trek in the Emli valley. During 4 hours, we climb Mt. Eznevit and we descend on skis. We have dinner and we spend the night in the village of Cukurbag. Total ascent/Descent: 1.672m


• DAY 7: Maden gorge (3200m) - Cappadocia We drive to the Maden Gorge in the early morning. During three hours, we ascend easily until we reach the summit of Mt. Kaletepe (3.200m). At the top, we are rewarded with very nice scenery. We ski down until we reach the Buldurus Pass at 1.700m. Our vehicle is waiting here to bring us to the village of Cukurbag. In the late afternoon, we will drive to Cappadocia. Ascent: 1.200m; Descent: 1.500m 


• DAY 8: Mt Argue (3916m) - Ankara Wake up very early in the morning transfer Argeus (Total transfer 1hour) after to start our ski trek directly from the mountain house. 5 hours climbing through the Seytanderesi valley, on the NorthernEastern face of the inactive volcano. From the top you’ll have a panoramic view of nearly all Central Anatolia and Cappadocia. Descend back to Ski resort area. Afterward, we drive to Ankara city overnight at the hotel (5 hours transfer). Total Ascent/Descent: 1.700m


• DAY 9: Ankara airport After having breakfast, transfer to airport, fly back to Home.






Difficulty: Vertical of 1000 to 1400m daily. The journey of 6 to 9 hours at a medium rhythm of 300m per hour. You are a good « all-round » skier. Some of the itineraries require carrying skis on the backpack. Maximum angle 40° eventually using a rope to secure progression.






• MOUNTAIN GUIDE: Full-time Safari 9V guide, for 6/7 skiers (registered professional mountain guide or ski instructor), equipped with radio and safety equipment.




• TRANSPORTATION: During the safari from Anakara airport round trip.


• 2-WAY AVALANCHE “BEEPER”: Lend to each participant for the week, If you own one please bring it. Must be worn under a jacket and turned on at all times while skiing.


ACCOMMODATION: Full board (except at Ankara) Hotel / Village house accommodations (important: Dinner Service available until 21:00h at the hotel).


• NATIONAL PARK : Entrance fees for Aladaglar National Park.






• RESCUE INSURANCE is compulsory (for mountain rescue, assistance, transportation to the nearest hospital,…).


• CANCELLATION INSURANCE may be subscribed privately for cancellation before the trip or interruption due to accident and repatriation. Highly recommended, as all subsisting costs will be charged in case of absence. Payment by credit card, Visa Premier or Gold MasterCard, may provide cancellation insurance. Check your contract.


• SINGLE ROOMS: Advice on the booking form, with extra cost.


• TOURING SKIS: Advise on the booking form, with extra cost.


• DRINKS: Skiing makes you thirsty! For dinner, all the hotels have good wine. Usually, the participants make a kitty to pay for wine at the table.


• HISTORICAL SITES: Entrance fee.


• DINNER: Last night at Ankara.







• SMALL RUCKSACK for daily necessities. 32 liters will be a good choice.

Inside your pack you should have:

-Goggles with double anti-fog screen orange for bad weather and mirror lens for the sun.

-Scarf or neck-warmer to protect against wind, cold, sun or powder.

-Sunscreen for lips and face (high protection).

-Pocket knife for picnics.

-Foil Blanket in case of accident (or even chair lift breakdowns).

-Spare glove if you fall often!

-Beverages, dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, muësli bars...

-Shovel and probe. If you have your own, bring them. Your guide may give you such equipment to carry on.

-Optional: Camera, video or binoculars.


• ALPINE TOURING BOOTS have Vibram soles and a « walk » position..

• BINDINGS: We recommend light touring bindings like Dynafit one by example.

• ALL-TERRAIN TOURING SKIS, FREERIDE CATEGORY: There are many new models on the market. They make it much easier to enjoy deep snow and less tiring.







• TWO-WAY AVALANCHE BEEPERS: Must be worn by each participant at all times off-piste. Our beepers work with all other recent 2-way devices. If you have your own, please bring it. Indicate whether or not on the booking form.


• SAFETY and RESCUE EQUIPMENT: Each guide will have all that is necessary for the safety of his group in his rucksack: radio or mobile phone, first aid kit, tools for repair, space blanket, rope, shovel, avalanche probe...). The guide may ask you to carry such equipment in your rucksack. If you are an experienced mountaineer with your own equipment, bring it with you.





• CLOTHING: Remember that most of your time will be spent in ski wear. At any time of the season, weather can be sunny and warm, or bitterly cold, windy, snowy or rainy. If properly equipped, you'll enjoy skiing, whatever the weather. We ski in all conditions. Bring bad weather gear with you, as during major snowstorms we ski fantastic powder in the forest. Plan to have extra clothing and gear in your rucksack each day, which will enable you to adapt to all changes in temperature and weather. Temperature varies with an altitude of about 10°c. per 1000m. Therefore, the difference in temperature between the valley and the summits will be about 20°c., and even more, considering the wind chill factor.


• Specialties FOR THE GRAND 9 VALLÉES BUFFET: On Sunday, lunch will be made up of all the specialties brought by the participants, from the homeland or elsewhere. All will be spread out on a table to share. They must be transportable in your rucksack and edible without cooking or drinkable. This lunch will be one of the finest meals you can imagine. Share your favorite local specialties, as anyone who arrives empty handed, may be asked to pay the bill for whatever is lacking.


Holiday and Housing.


HOW TO REACH ANKARA - TURKEY • BY PLANE: Fly to Ankara from most european airport.


SAFARI 9V - 63 Le bois de la Laye - 73320 TIGNES. FRANCE TEL +33(0) / MOB +33(0) / E-MAIL : Association de tourisme agréée APRIAM - IM073.100023. Alpespace-Le Neptune-50 Voie Albert Einstein-73800 Francin.



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