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Get wet with a dolphin and learn about them in a unique way, spending some time in their element and

getting to know them. Get kissed, touch and dance with the dolphin to maximize both yours and the dolphin’s enjoyment! Luxury and Beauty for all!

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Is it your big dream to swim with dolphins? Then Turkey is the place to be for you! Along the Turkish coast, you can find all kinds of cool aqua parks, where you will not only find the coolest water slides but also where you can meet your favorite animals! So you can with Flipper on the photo in aquapark Sealanya at Alanya and you can splash in the water with your new friends in the Adaland Dolphin Park near Kusadasi. So do you want to pet a dolphin or feed him a fish? Then swimming with dolphins in Turkey is definitely something for you! read more

Turkey is the perfect place for a children's holiday full of unadulterated water fun. Especially on the coast you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and crazy water parks, where you can also swim with dolphins! So who wants to make friends with his own Flipper is in Turkey at the right address. Do you not only want to swim with dolphins, but also stay close to the dolphins, so that you can be with your new best friend in no time? Which can! Kids Vakantiegids has listed the best child-friendly accommodations near the dolphins for you.


Alanya is swimming with dolphins

If you go on holiday to the Turkish Riviera, then visit Sealanya aquapark. This beautiful water park, located 20 kilometers from Alanya, is highly recommended for dolphin lovers. You can check dolphin and seal shows, watch your favorite animal and swim with dolphins or sea lions. There are two different packages:

Dolphin Encounter and Dolphin Swimming (from 4 years)

Do you want to see and touch dolphins from close by? This is possible with the Dolphin Encounter and Dolphin Swimming package. You go into the water with a group of 4 to 6 people, after which the dolphins automatically come to you to swim! You can pet the dolphins, give kisses, feed them and play with them in the water, while a trainer tells you everything about dolphins. You must be at least 4 years old to participate in the Dolphin Encounter and Dolphin Swimming and if you are 6 years or younger, then one of your parents must come with you. The package costs € 100 per person and takes about half an hour.

Swim with Sealions

At Sealanya not only dolphins can be seen; you can also swim with real South American sea lions. Like the dolphins, these cheerful goodies are always happy to see you and they can play like the best. The Swim with Sealions package costs € 50 per person and takes about half an hour.

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Checking dolphins in Kusadasi

On the Aegean coast of western Turkey, you can watch dolphins and swim with them to your heart's content. For example, in the Adaland Dolphin Park, an aqua park located about 7 kilometers from Kusadasi, a dolphin and seal show is held every day. And: you can even book a special dolphin package! You will then meet the dolphins in a large swimming pool, after which you can swim and play with them. While you're splashing with your new friends, a dolphin trainer explains how dolphins live. Do you see such an outing? Then check out the Adaland Dolphin Park! The minimum age for swimming with dolphins is 4 years. If you are 6 years or younger, one of your parents must come with you. The package lasts 25 to 30 minutes.

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Practical information

  • Best travel time: With small children, spring and autumn is the best time to travel. Sunbathers are also in the right place in Turkey during the summer months. In July and August, it can be as high as 40 degrees.

  • Time difference with the Netherlands: In Turkey, it is 1 hour later than in the Netherlands.

  • Language: Turkish. In the tourist areas, they often speak German and English.

  • Vaccinations: Not mandatory, but recommended for some areas. Always consult the GGD before departure on the basis of the exact itinerary.

  • Visa: Upon arrival in Turkey you have to buy a visa for € 15, - at the airport. This can only be cash and appropriate. This visa is valid for 3 months.

  • Voltage: 220 volts

  • Important emergency numbers in Turkey: General 112, Police 115, Fire Brigade: 110, Coast Guard: 155

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