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Hunting yachting charter

Sea, sun, natural unspoiled beauty of our Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, moonlight and huge tuskers… these are the ingredients for a delightful hunting with a traditional luxury Gulet type boat!


TROPHY HUNTING SAFARIS has the biggest and the only reserve (119.000 ha) in Turkey, having a border to the Mediterranean Sea. 

This place is a reserve with full of wild boars that never heard a gunshot before.


Sea, sun and the natural unspoiled beauty of our Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, moonlight and huge tuskers, these are the essentials for a delightful hunting with a traditional luxury gulet boat!

The friendly captain, his crew and our professional wild boar guides will keep their eyes open for you during this exciting cruising trip.

On board, you and your friends will feel in a dream while shifting from bay to bay.
Starting prior 10-12 days of your arrival our 1×1 hunting guides will start their jobs to feed the tuskers on the route of your sailing trip on land in collaboration with the captain of your yacht. So when you arrive, all that your captain needs to do will be to anchor or tie the yacht to one of the pine trees leaping to the sea at a bay closest to the tusker's feeding spots.

Cruising along the beautiful rocky coastline, you will be in the untouched bays of the wild, admiring the breeze of the pine forests and the striking flora of the Mediterranean coasts.

Now and then you may cool yourself in the crystal clear sea water snorkeling, the beauties of the depths and enjoy the sun on the deck with its mystical natural beauty with your family or friends. You may enjoy your lunch or dinner in a small local fishermen's restaurant with daily caught fish and good wine.
The nights are prone to your wild boar hunts.

When the sun is set, our guides will be waiting for you to take you for a short drive where the tuskers come every night for their regular nightly feast.

You will be surprised to find out about the advantages of traveling with a yacht in reaching the unspoiled corners of the mountains leaning to the sea.

Do not miss this exceptional adventure together that comes with an unforgettable hunt.

Check out our website to find the yacht of your dreams, let us know the dates of your hunting cruise and just sit back and relax, leave the rest to us, your trusted experienced professionals.

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Through our well designed structure you can count on a wide range of experience.

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