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Susan Sontag

We organize within your budget planning an unforgettable celebration.
We partners with the right people with the right expertise.
We invest continuously in an adequate and current level of expertise.

Through our well-designed structure, you can count on a wide range of experience. We strive to form a foundation for successful collaborations and unforgettable moments for our guests, clients, and relations

Well taken care of its full enjoyment.


Vitex Natura is the concretization that was born out of the discovery of, Mother and her daughters a Holland family, with their love for doing business, selling Natural products and their love to travel.

Based on a +15-year-old experience as natural products sales from the regions South-France and Isparta in Turkey, we love to share our knowledge of these Provence beauties with people in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


Don’t worry, we speak fluent English, German, French, Dutch and Turkish.

Information about our Holiday and Housing Isparta harvest tours;

Vitex Natura creates the opportunity for everybody who wants to explore the Rose-harvest and Lavender-harvest in the region Isparta.

Join our special Rose or Lavender Tours, for individual, groups, travelers or professionals. We are creative and flexible, let us know what your wishes are and we will arrange a stay for you that you will never forget.

Let yourself be guided through the most beautiful landscapes of these Fairytale Provinces and experience the lovely smells and magnificent landscapes. 


Stuwweg 22 6219 NB Maastricht

Call Us 0031655535000

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