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Holiday and Housing Oh La La Mosae

Holiday parks

Everyone likes to go on holiday. Holiday parks are therefore enormously on the rise. You have everything: an equipped kitchen, relaxation rooms and extra facilities that make your free time the best time of your life.

That you can become the owner of a holiday apartment or house is the dream of many. A dream that has become very feasible


If it turns out that this dream is also a smart investment, the choice is made quickly.

"Holiday parks are located near tourist attractions, which automatically attract more tenants."

The place to be
Holiday parks usually include a spacious area. That is why we have thought very carefully about its location. You will find them at beautiful, natural areas or at major tourist attractions. That fact alone can easily attract many tenants. And that is a wonderful asset that can provide a nice added value of your holiday home.

Moreover, your house or apartment is well cared for. Tenants pay a small annual fee for the cleaning costs and any damage that may have been made. That way your investment will remain in order for years.

As icing on the cake, you do not have to worry about the rental, accounting or administration of your investment!

Is Holiday apartments Zümrüd-ü Anka Konakları a timeshare company?

From a legal perspective, it is a limited liability company, of which the shareholders are also the users of the offer.
Hapimag is therefore a user-oriented and not a profit-oriented cooperative of like-minded people.
Hapimag shareholders and members are granted residential rights for all resorts. This idea has been successful for more than 32 years. It is the inventor of the point-based rights and enjoys a reputation as a serious, reliable provider. 


Our site is a boutique holiday site.
A jointly Real estate System, presented in a concept of a holiday sales project.  
All apartments will be delivered to you on a closed basis.

Our project is carried out with the conviction of 32 years by the companies AKSINIK INSAAT & YKS CONSTRUCTION. 

Here you buy directly and reliably from us directly from owners. If you buy one or more weeks you can use the resort annually and the apartment of your choice with all the luxury that belongs to a 5 star resort. We completely unburden you during the purchase by ensuring all necessary contracts, communication with and safe securing of the money until the official ownership documents are in your possession.

Inform yourself and find the ownership offer for weeks to suit your needs.

The purchase of one or several weeks is registered by us, Holiday & Housing Oh La La Mosae.

We will send you a certificate as proof of ownership once the transaction has been completed.

Date of construction : 14.10.2017 - 14.10.2019

Project manager: akcity inşaat & yks yapı

Project area: 4000m2

Project Site: Ayaş Merdivelikuyu Mersin

Why invest through us?


We arrange everything for you!

Large target group

Many people love a holiday
in a holiday park.

The chance of renting is therefore great.

Enjoy yourself

Having your own apartment in a holiday

park is fantastic!
You go there every year for free and

whenever you want!

Construction building company


Alata Mah.Şenoğlu Cad.

Akışık Plaza Kat/1 No/7

Erdemli /MERSİN



FAX: 0 324 515 03 61


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