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Holiday and Housing Oh La La Mosae

Holiday apartments Zümrüd-ü Anka Konakları is situated in the middle of the urban renewal project

This project innovation is an excellent opportunity to invest in an apartment in full development. This project in Mersin is easy to compare with the urban renewal project in Alanya. There, over a period of twenty-five years, well-thought-out choices were made that give a splendid result today. Just as is the intention with this project in Mersin, one has at the Beach in Erdemli
also very broadly addressed, with attention for culture, living, green and public space. This urban renewal was very successful, with a surplus value of it local real estate as a result.
Holiday apartments Zümrüd-ü Anka Konakları is situated in the middle of the urban renewal project Zümrüd-ü Anka Konakları, in a beautiful location on a beautiful beach. The stylish design takes Zümrüd-ü Anka Konakları architecturally to a higher level.

Zümrüd-ü Anka Konakları is the backbone of the urban area and a strategic axis of the area. Zümrüd-ü Anka Konakları is a comprehensive project where each area, located on the left or right bank, is considered a part of the master plan. From a strong vision and a multitude of plans, the city council wants to transform this area into a lively apartment complex by the sea.
Zümrüd-ü Anka Konakları has its own identity and interpretation,ranging from green areas to cultural infrastructure and from port buildings to apartment buildings.


You choose an apartment with one or two bedrooms, an open kitchen, and completely finished bathroom. Each holiday apartment is equipped with a terrace to enjoy so optimally of the environment.


By the thoughtful layout and the completeness of the luxurious standard equipment offers your apartment great comfort.

Holiday and efficiency, that is double enjoyment.

Zümrüd-ü Anka Konakları project, where investing is being enjoyed!

Together with the improved accessibility of the Mediterranean sea coast also a new investment market was created.

Investment trumps of this region?

The scarce building plots, the interesting Turkish tax, the exceptional rental possibilities, a very large added value potential and of course the enjoyment of your own holiday stay at the sea. All these factors make an investment in the Mediterranean coast is a top investment.


The real estate rental prices stand on the Mediterranean coast in the future for strong price increases. When we compare the prices in this region with similar ones locations and surfaces in the Mediterranean coast we note that this in Mersin thirty to fifty percent lower!
This way you can go back on terms of fifteen years acquire an apartment by the sea.


Zümrüd-ü Anka Konakları Properties is the easy purchase process. Safe and secure.

Zümrüd-ü Anka Konakları Properties is a solid partner that gives you the necessary safety when purchasing your holiday apartment.

An investment like this is the perfect combination of a golden investment, endless fun and carefree holiday time for life.

  • The tour guide

  • Private security

  • Room service

  • Valet parking

  • The waterpark

  • Outdoor / Indoor Pools

  • Kiddie pool

  • vitamin Bar

  • Cafe

  • A la Carte Restaurant

  • Fitness Room

  • SPA

  • Market

  • Mini Club

  • Water Activities

On our holiday site; 

There are 7 villas in total,

32 apartments in total.
6 duplex villas, 2 floors.

1 triplex villa, 3 floors.

Why invest through us?


We arrange everything for you!

Large target group

Many people love a holiday
in a holiday park.

The chance of renting is therefore great.

Enjoy yourself

Having your own apartment in a holiday

park is fantastic!
You go there every year for free and

whenever you want!

Holiday and Housing Oh L La Mosae
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