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Isparta / Davraz Mountain ski resort Taurus

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Taurus Mountains, Turkey

Isparta/Davraz Mountain ski resort is located in Taurus Mountains, Turkey. With a peak elevation of 215 m it offers skiers and snowboarders a 500 m vertical drop.

In total Isparta/Davraz Mountain ski resort offers 8 km of marked trails with 38% (3.1 km) of the total trails ideal for beginners, 38% (3.1 km) of the total trails being suitable for intermediate skiers and 24% (1.9 km) for the more advanced and expert of level skiers and snowboarders. This is all easily accessible with their 5 ski lifts.

Total Trails: 8 km

Easiest 3.1 km 38% More Difficult 3.1 km 38% Most Difficult 1.9 km 24% Terrain Park No Half Pipes No

Total Ski Lifts: 5

Chairlifts 2 T-Bars1 Rope Tow

Resort Stats

Peak elevation: 2150 m Base elevation: 1650 m Vertical Drop: 500 m Total Trails: 8 km Longest Run: 0 km

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